Building Your Own Command Station To Practice One Of The Most Romantic Hobbies Ever

dcc command station

Thankfully, today people still fall in love with each other. Whether they are falling in love with someone entirely new, or falling in love over again with someone with whom they have been engaged for a lifetime, a rare occurrence, it must be said, it is all so romantic. But today, perhaps more so today than in the past, people fall in love with objects and materials rather than with each other. They fall in love with principles and practices. Yes, some even fall in love with the work that they are called to do. Inasmuch that many folks would not care to acknowledge this, this falling in love with work may still be rare.

In most instances, people are working because they have to, not because they want to. But in their spare time, to get away from it all, they have fallen in love with other tasks. This is not work and it is often referred to as a hobby. Now, while building a train set and a state of the art railway network using a dcc command station may seem worthless and useless to others, it means all the world to the hobbyist who fell in love with trains and railways from a young age. Now that he is of age and has the resources to practice his much loved hobby, let him engineer his train set and command station in peace and quiet.

You may lose this man for hours on end, all in a world of his own, but at least you still have a chance of staying in love with him. People for all good reasons fall in love mostly when they are happy. And he seems happy too.