What Equipment Does a Digital Transcriptionist Need?

Transcription work is becoming more popular in today’s technology-filled world. For people who work at home, the work is popular and desirable. Good money is in it for most people, but to get started you need a few pieces of equipment. Read below to learn the items that you need to get started and then decide if you’ll purchase digital transcription equipment to start this new venture in your life.


Whether you choose a desktop or a laptop is unimportant. What is important is that you have one of the two. This is the first item that you need to work as a transcriber. If you don’t already own a computer, purchase one as soon as possible.


A comfortable pair of headphone is the second item that you need to work in transcription. The headphones make it much easier to hear the audio, especially when it is difficult to hear.  Investing in a good pair of earphones pays off in this job.

Foot Pedal

The foot pedal is the easiest tool that you can use to stop, rewind, pause, and play the audio files. The cost of the pedal varies, but is usually reasonably priced, even when you seek a quality product. The foot pedal frees up your hands so you can type without interruption, making this job much easier.

Word Processing Software

Many word processing software programs are out there. Choose your favorite and familiarize yourself with their operation. You’ll use this when transcribing your audio files so the more that you know about them, the better and easier the job becomes.

digital transcription equipment

Gather the items that you need and let the transcribing fun begin! These are all of the things that you need to get started in this exciting field and join so many others who’ve made the change.