Tips For Fixing A Broken Phone

With endless advancements in technology, it seems that we have sacrificed or overlooked an important quality when it comes to our phones or tablets, durability. Smartphones seem almost impossibly fragile and most people choose to carry their phone in a protective case to avoid a cracked screen or breaking to the point of dysfunctionality. Here are some ways that you can avoid your fickle glass brick from becoming a pile of shards.

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Total Repair –

If what your phone requires to be completely fixed is out of the realm of practical means, you should consider just giving in and getting it repaired by an iphone repair Midland TX professional. While not as rewarding I suppose, a professional will make sure that your phone functions as it did when you first got it. This is a great option if your phone’s display is completely broken or if your phone simply won’t even turn on. Sometimes you just have to leave it to the professionals.

Fixing A Waterlogged Phone –

A common problem that smartphone owners run into frequently is water. Most people will forget about their phone in their pants when they go to wash them, drop it in a puddle, accidentally jump in the pool with their phone in their pocket, etc. There is a surprisingly simple way to fix this, however. You’re going to need some uncooked rice, a bowl, and of course, your phone. Completely immerse your phone in dry grains of rice and let it sit for at least 12 hours. The rice will absorb any water that’s trapped within your phone and should get it back to normal. If it still doesn’t work after 12 hours, try keeping it in the bowl for longer, the water will come out eventually.