Why Everyone Loves Scandinavian Furniture and Design

The Top Advantages of Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian design concepts have been quickly gaining popularity around the world in both individual homes and in modern hotels and condo buildings. And Scandinavian furniture brands like IKEA have seen immense success not only in Europe but in North America and Asia as well. 

Everyone is raving about this approach to style and trying to recreate it in their own spaces. What has made this approach to design so popular and why do people love it so much? This article will answer this question by explaining some of the main benefits to choosing a Scandinavian design style for your home or business.

Clean and Modern

One of the main reasons that people love the Scandinavian design approach is that it looks clean and modern. Walking into a room designed in this style is like taking a breath of fresh mountain air. Muted and natural colors, lightly accented with interesting patterns keeps the eye engaged, but not overly stressed, creating a highly approachable aesthetic.

Efficiency of Space

Scandinavian designs are built to make your space look as big as possible and to make use of efficient storage solutions so you aren’t overwhelmed by clutter. The emphasis on natural light, high ceilings and unbroken lines in how rooms are arranged can make even small spaces look large and welcoming. If this well-designed space is also well-organized and clutter-free, then your space will feel open and inviting no matter how small it is.

Cost Effective

In addition to prioritizing efficiency of space, Scandinavian design concepts also focus on making sure everything is cost-effective. This incorporation of simplicity and practicality not only in aesthetic, but in how furniture is purchased makes this style achievable for everyone, even those with a tight budget. This certainly helps to make Scandinavian design very popular.

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