Explore the Attractions Along the Chao Phraya River

Explore the Attractions on the Chao Phraya River

This holiday season, Bangkok families looking for a shared experience should consider heading down to the Chao Phraya River and exploring all the attractions along the shore. Bangkok grew outward from the river in the early days of the city, so along the river is the oldest part of the city. And the attractions there offers a glimpse of the past. But the riverside is also prime real estate attracting tourists and residents alike and features some of the most modern and popular attractions in the city.

If your family hasn’t been down to the riverside area lately, it’s certainly worth a day’s exploration. And now is the perfect time to visit. With the drier, cooler temperatures of the winter months setting in, you’ll be able to explore for more hours of the day without getting exhausted by the heat. 

Exploring the River is Inexpensive and Easy

Bangkok families should play tourists for the day and explore the river as smart tourists do – by buying a day-long ticket that enables you to travel by water taxi. 

The tourist’s water taxi makes it an inexpensive breeze to see all that the riverfront has to offer from the water. Simply go to any of the piers between Asiatique and Rama 8 Bridge Road. The tickets are sold on or near the pier. You want to take the Blue Flag water taxis. These are specifically for people wanting to sightsee along the river and have English-speaking staff and will stop at any of the piers you want. 

Spend the day exploring both the oldest and most famous landmarks of the city, and browse the most modern shopping malls as well. Taking the day to explore the river area by water taxi is a great way to re-acquaint you with the history of Bangkok, as well as introduce you to surprising new attractions you’ll want to visit again.  

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