Enjoy the Workout of a Beach Swim

Enjoy a Healthy Beach Swim

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Swimming off a beach is often a love-it or hate-it affair for people who love to swim. People who love it appreciate a break from the chlorine and chemicals of swimming pools. People who would rather swim in a pool generally hate it for the turbulence, currents and waves they have to deal with in ocean swimming. 

People who are dedicated swimmers are often people of habit. They’re often people who appreciate the meditative practice of swimming laps. And people who are used to the careful and calculated repetition of swimming laps in a pool that they know the length, depth, and water quality of find the whole familiarity of the exercise comforting. 

Ocean Swimming Provides a Better Workout 

Although you may be perfectly happy with the lap swimming routine you have worked out, swimming in the ocean provides a better workout and can be much more adventurous and rewarding. 

Swimming in salt water is much better for your skin and hair than immersing yourself in a chlorine bath regularly. But it’s the ocean waves and currents that provide resistance to your swim that make it such a better workout. 

Swimming in a pool is great exercise, particularly for people with knee problems. The lack of ground contact is easy on the knees and provides exercise that you can do for more than just a few minutes. But a swimming pool is a known quantity that offers a calm and clear environment. 

To really give yourself a workout the next you’re spending a week at the beach, get in the habit of swimming in the ocean every day. You can swim for your usual amount of time, but you’ll increase the physical benefits of your workout. Your muscles, hair and skin will thank you for the experience, and you’ll begin to look forward to visiting the beach again.    

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