Invest in New Experiences Instead of New Things

Invest in Experiences Instead of Things

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Some people may be surprised to learn that research has shown we respond more positively to new experiences than to buying new things. The urge to acquire things is like feeding an addiction. It provides us with a ‘high’ that is a relatively short-lived experience. When the high fades, we feel compelled to buy something else to enjoy the feeling again. 

This up-and-down nature of the acquisition process doesn’t do us, or our bank accounts, much good over the long run. We may experience buyer’s remorse, especially when we’ve bought something we don’t really need or can afford. 

Researchers have noticed that we tend to derive much more satisfaction by investing in an experience. It can be a hobby, or a trip, or simply tickets to a movie.

Most people regard the act of doing something as a reward in itself. And that’s more valuable than buying something, even something you’ve wanted for some time. Enjoying an experience with a friend or family member heightens the pleasure we get out of the experience. Being able to talk about the experience with someone who has experienced the same thing seems to make it that much more worthwhile. But even people who undertake a new solo hobby are much happier overall. 

Become a Collector of Experiences

People who are constantly experiencing new things and taking on new challenges in their lives are seen as much happier and more content. They don’t experience the same up-and-down emotional feelings noticed in people who are constantly shopping to feel better about themselves. 

Start looking for more new experiences whenever you want to feel better about yourself. You’ll get more satisfaction and rewards out of the process and might make some valuable new friends along the way. 

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