Try for Consistency Over Perfection

Try to Achieve Consistency Over Perfection

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Too many people think the best way to achieve one’s exercise goals is to focus on perfection. This means putting yourself through your exercise regimen every day, no matter what the consequences or what else is happening in your life. 

They may be effective in reaching their goals of hitting a certain weight or attaining a certain level of fitness, but these people tend to beat themselves up whenever they’re forced to skip a day’s workout or shorten their workout period. 

The more they focus on the days they’re unable to work out, the less they enjoy the overall benefits. This is called the ‘paralysis of analysis’. Achieving perfection in the way you attain the goal becomes more important than the goal itself. This is an unhealthy way to pursue what should be a healthy lifestyle. 

It’s often seen in type-A personalities who have trouble pursuing hobbies or sports unless they’re obsessing about them and trying to achieve perfection in them. These people want to be the best in every aspect of their lives. This type of thinking may seem positive, but it can lead to negative consequences the longer it stays a priority in their life.  

Find a Partner that Supplies Balance

If you find that you lose yourself in workouts to the point of obsessing about your progress towards your goal, a partner might help you pace yourself. 

However, you have to be aware that you’re becoming obsessive and not ruin the relationship with your workout partner for both of you to gain anything from the partnership. A partner can help you slow down, enjoy the overall process again and focus on the ongoing benefits instead of beating yourself up because of a perceived flaw in your routine.  

A partner may help you achieve the desired consistency over perfection. The first step is realizing your obsessive compulsions and making an effort to change. 

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