Cara Untuk Menjahit Langsir Gaya Eyelet Dengan Kain Ela!

Jahit Langsir Sendiri Dengan Kain Ela!

Mengubah suai rumah baharu anda nampak macam menyeronokkan tetapi ia boleh menelan kos yang tinggi. Dah la rumah mahal, perabot dan bil utiliti nak bayar juga, memang cepat kehabisan wang kalau tak jimat! Zaman 2021, banyak orang minat buat rumah decor secara DIY. Macam dengan kain ela je, boleh jahit alas meja, baju kurung, tudung, dan juga langsir. Ya, betul!  Berbanding dengan langsir mahal dari kedai, kalau jahit sendiri, boleh pilih kain ela yang anda suka, jahit mengikuti citi rasa, dan bajet sendiri. Projek DIY yang paling senang sekali untuk langsir adalah langsir gaya eyelet. Mudah untuk dijahit dan mengambil masa beberapa minit je!

Apakah langsir gaya eyelet? 

Langsir gaya eyelet mempunyai cincin yang besar yang digunakan untuk menggantung langsir pada rod langsir. Gaya ini nampak ringkas, moden dan boleh dipadankan dengan mana-mana bilik sahaja. Bukan sahaja dengan kain ela untuk langsir, ada juga banyak pilihan untuk cincin langsir. Ada cincin langsir besi yang berwarna perak, emas, ataupun merah jambu juga. Kalau nak langsir yang lebih unik, campurkan 2 ataupun 3 warna cincin langsir untuk langsir gaya eyelet anda! Mari ikuti cara simple ini untuk menjahit langsir gaya eyelet!

1. Dapatkan ukuran asas 

Ukuran asas bermaksud panjang dan lebar ruang dimana langsir akan dipasang. Adakah anda jahit langsir untuk tingkap ataupun sliding door? Nak yang lebih labuh ke lebih suka langsir yang lebih pendek supaya tidak sentuh lantai? Bila beli kain ela anda untuk projek langsir gaya eyelet DIY nanti, pastikan anda ada ukuran asas anda. Boleh je mintak tolong orang kedai untuk potong siap-siap untuk anda. Balik rumah tinggal jahit sahaja. 

2.Keluarkan mesin jahit anda!

Sekarang, anda sudah ada kain ela yang dipotong khas untuk projek DIY anda. Pertama sekali, mesti jahitkan tepi sekeliling kain ela (atas, bawah, dan tepi kain ela yang baru digunting) supaya nanti finishing langsir lebih cantik dan kemas. Selepas itu, kita fokus kat bahagian tepi dan bawah terlebih dahulu. Untuk bahagian tepi (kiri dan kanan), lipat 1 inci ke dalam 2 kali. Menggosok kain dan jahit sehingga hujung kain. Untuk bahagian bawah, lipat 4 inci ke dalam 1 kali, menggosok dan menjahit sampai hujung kain. Pastikan semua lipatan dan jahitan anda menghadap bahagian dalam kain langsir anda.

3.Jahit tape eyelet & pasangkan cincin langsir 

Selepas anda menjahit bahagian tepi dan bawah, boleh jahit bahagian paling penting sekarang. Di bahagian atas, lipatkan 1 inci ke dalam dan letakkan curtain tape eyelet di atas lipatan anda. Jahitkan sampai hujung kain. Jahitkan sekali lagi pada bahagian bawah curtain tape eyelet. Selepas itu, guntingkan bahagian lubang mengikuti curtain tape eyelet yang sudah dijahit dengan kain ela anda. Pasangkan cincin langsir anda pada setiap lubang dan siapkan langsir gaya eyelet anda dengan rod langsir yang bersesuaian.

Siap! Projek DIY ini senang dijadikan sebagai aktiviti keluarga yang menyeronokkan ataupun sebagai aktiviti yang boleh membantu hilangkan stress dari kerja ke apa-apa! Yang paling penting sekali, murah! Semua bahan yang disebutkan boleh dibeli secara online dan all of them memang murah, tak tipu! Price kain ela kat kedai jahit ataupun Shopee ke Lazada lebih kurang sama juga, so boleh suka hati la kalau nak beli dari mana-mana.

Why Everyone Loves Scandinavian Furniture and Design

The Top Advantages of Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian design concepts have been quickly gaining popularity around the world in both individual homes and in modern hotels and condo buildings. And Scandinavian furniture brands like IKEA have seen immense success not only in Europe but in North America and Asia as well. 

Everyone is raving about this approach to style and trying to recreate it in their own spaces. What has made this approach to design so popular and why do people love it so much? This article will answer this question by explaining some of the main benefits to choosing a Scandinavian design style for your home or business.

Clean and Modern

One of the main reasons that people love the Scandinavian design approach is that it looks clean and modern. Walking into a room designed in this style is like taking a breath of fresh mountain air. Muted and natural colors, lightly accented with interesting patterns keeps the eye engaged, but not overly stressed, creating a highly approachable aesthetic.

Efficiency of Space

Scandinavian designs are built to make your space look as big as possible and to make use of efficient storage solutions so you aren’t overwhelmed by clutter. The emphasis on natural light, high ceilings and unbroken lines in how rooms are arranged can make even small spaces look large and welcoming. If this well-designed space is also well-organized and clutter-free, then your space will feel open and inviting no matter how small it is.

Cost Effective

In addition to prioritizing efficiency of space, Scandinavian design concepts also focus on making sure everything is cost-effective. This incorporation of simplicity and practicality not only in aesthetic, but in how furniture is purchased makes this style achievable for everyone, even those with a tight budget. This certainly helps to make Scandinavian design very popular.

Will Our Children Suffer from COVID-19 Social Isolation?

With the ongoing disruption to the lives of practically everyone in the world and forced isolation as a normal part of everyday life because of the pandemic, children’s perceptions of a normal life have changed. 

COVID-19 first emerged as a worldwide health threat in early 2019. Infants that were born in 2018 are now nearing the age of three. These kids have spent their entire lives living in a world of continuous hand-washing and mask-wearing. They have been taught that one mustn’t get too close to people for fear of getting sick. They may have never experienced a birthday party or a large gathering of people. Many of them have only experienced school by video conferencing.

Effects of Social Isolation on Children

As the past two years have been ‘normal,’ as far as your child under three years of age is concerned, they probably are perfectly happy and content. As parents, you shouldn’t worry too much about your younger family members. It’s the older children who knew what life was like before the pandemic who may need some special attention.  

In June of 2020, researchers in the UK looked at children and social isolation in the context of the pandemic as social isolation can cause depression and anxiety in children. What they found can help children cope with the isolation is to play and interact with them. If they have siblings, encourage them to play with each other or form playgroups with close neighbors. If you have an only child, put aside quality time to play with them at whatever game they come up with. 

The children that are most at risk of being affected by social isolation are those that were accustomed to life before the pandemic. They may feel a sense of loss of freedom and a sense of restriction because of the isolation. Keeping their bodies and minds engaged and busy is the best way for them to cope with ongoing social isolation.